The way MULTIFILM works is undoubtedly revolutionary and will allow anybody to create a new generation of serial products taking advantage of an extraordinary productive optimization; but an enormous added value is also represented by the narrative contents that Maior Ltd. intends to propose together with this new form of entertainment.
It is about stories in which we can find typical elements of the manga world (particularly shōnen, young people) and from Japanese culture in general, for example post-apocalyptic scenery, martial arts, sense of sacrifice, sadness, pain (bushidō of the samurai) friendship and love.
Shōnen manga is the most popular and best-selling form of manga.
Shōnen focus basically on action, and the plot typically unfolds in a series of trials (duels, sports, ecc.) in which the characters are continuously put to the test. Every series is formed by a main goal (usually a goal that the protagonist forced himself to reach, for example defeating an enemy reputed unbeatable), that is achieved only at the end of the story. All the plot unfolds then in a series of challenges (defeating minor enemies), that as well as opening the protagonists path to the final goal, allow him to prepare for the final encounter, mastering his skills or obtaining the necessary elements. The typical setting is a made up universe, with magic and/or sci-fi technologies.
Protagonists of such manga often feature an ongoing desire to improve themselves and often face the challenge to their abilities, skills and maturity, where self-perfection, austere self-discipline, sacrifice for the cause of duty and honorable service to society, community, family and friends are stressed.

Very popular Shōnen used as reference to the works proposed by Maior Ltd. are Hokuto no Ken, Dragon Ball, One Piece, Naruto.

The directing and editing skill of the works proposed by Maior Ltd. will be inspired by said “anime” (hand drawn computer animations taken from the manga), replicating the same temporal dilation.

Replicating the moves based on the fact that for the Japanese mentality and spirituality there is no particular attachment to time strictly speaking, since it has neither beginning nor end, we can state that what counts is the quality of the instant, the intensity in which one lives it.
For this reason in anime one finds itself into “eternal” moments, in which time of narration coincides with the time of the emotion, so that the more that is intense the more the moment extends, reaching out of time, like still life, into a panning, into fading. An emphatic slowdown that could take a fight, game or match of a few instants to last more than one episode, with the purpose of adding tension and emotive involvement, just like the greatest cinema tradition, from the German expressionism to Ejzenštejn and to the American and European cinema, mostly the Noir genre.

In the MULTIFILM this dilation of the most significant moments is functional to the creation of different variants of the same scenes stressing how the slightest difference in every detail of action could produce very different situations and consequences.

MULTIFILM is a work that could make the fortune of any content.
Maior Ltd. has content that could make the fortune of any work.
The union of these two components, along with directing style of strong impact, will create a result never seen before, capable to catch the attention of the entire world, endlessly.