As already said MULTIFILM offers a production optimization never seen before.
In movies the greater outgoings that affect the most in the productive phase are the ones relative to the arranging of the scene. 

A lot of money is spent to arrange a scene from the scenography point of view, from lights, costumes, make-up, and then all that arranging is wasted often shooting 5-10 minutes and settle for a single shot (maybe of a few seconds) useful to build the movie. 

With MULTIFILM the production effort is greatly enhanced because the money spent to prepare a sequence will be worth to create not only one but many and different sequences so that more entertainment can be produced. 

Moreover one has not the need to choose just one version of any finished shot, throwing away the others; on the contrary, one needs to pile up the more as possible to use all of them in alternative ways! 

Finally we can also say that the actor costs will be contained. 

Always, the more the media product is dense in value and artistic quality the smaller the actor cost is (and vice versa). 

As already explained every actor in the world would compete to participate in the making of a MULTIFILM and expecially in the works of Maior Ltd. as soon as it will be able to prove its skill. 

This will allow to work with great names without the need to spend unreasonable amounts of money as an economic counterpart.