With the word “demo” it is meant that this is a perfectly working MULTIFILM although incomplete (capable of 20-30 visions for entertainment. The complete work will have the “Grand Finale” around the hundredth vision) and created in “beta” mode; meaning that for the majority of the time, it is composed of animated storyboards. 
All the flashbacks have been realized with real actors. 
These scenes tell the difficult past of the young protagonist and will be collected by the viewer randomly (always within the pre-established limits), like pieces of a mosaic, during the numerous views of the work. 
Every vision will show a brief part of the past (in form of a real movie) and, following, a different development of the present (created in animated storyboard for lack of budget) until reaching one of the many endings.  
The aim of presenting a demo so grand and faithful to what will then be the final work is that not only the exploit of the invention but also the showing of the narrative contents chosen for the first MULTIFILM. 
“The dreams” of the protagonist have been produced using the “rotoscope” technique. 

The biggest limit of this demo to represent the MULTIFILM is that, unfortunately, not being the present of the story produced with real actors but with animated drawings, it has been impossibile, for those scenes, to collect acting variants. 

It would have been possible to have the acting variations in the part of the demo made with real actors, but it has not been done because the past of all the stories created to this day for the MULTIFILM has been developed for just one narrative line; in other words, the past of the story does not change, it is straightforward, it is simply discovered one bit at a time (and randomly) by the viewer. 

The final work will be then much different; but at least we hope that this demo could give an idea of the MULTIFILM working, and of Maior Ltd.’s productive and directing skill, along with the narrative contents showed for the first chapter of the saga.