MULTIFILM business model consists of making a conspicuous initial investment to produce a movie that could entertain many visions (virtually “endless” for the most passionate viewers). 
Needless to say this sort of mechanism offers the opportunity to position one or more commercials at the start of every view of the product. 
Once the work is ready and uploaded on-line, all that remains is to enter into contracts with the sponsor, to count the views and the derived earnings. 
In other words, each MULTIFILM, once completed, constitutes an autonomous and virtually inexhaustible source of income. 
Having this technology patented in the main countries of the world, Maior Ltd. is able to manage earnings not only in its own works, but also from the ones that will certainly be created by others, dividing part of the profits according to the obtained views. In the case of other peoples work there will neither be the need of the initial investment nor to employ production resources; the benefit would be gained from the work of others, just like YouTube takes advantage of the audiovisual contents made and uploaded from the various users.