Actors are a professional category that works with its image. 

Therefore the aim to be in the center of attention is a normal prerequisite to them.

There is nothing in the world that keeps somebody in the center of attention like the MULTIFILM.

The viewer collects, during different visions of the same work, an extraordinary number of different performances of the same actors that will be able to show their skills like never before.

For the first time in the history of audiovisual entertainment the talent of the actors will not be restrained in just a single act but will finally have to express in many different forms.

In a recent interview director Todd Phillips stated that he could have easily realized 18 different versions of his “Joker”, because actor Joaquin Phoenix was so much skilled and creative that he never performed the same cut twice.
The problem is that no director, before MULTIFILM, could use the actors improvisation skill at its fullest, because of every shot, they were forced to use just one interpretation and throw away the others!
In MULTIFILM anything that works is used to create alternative sections of a same shot.
Therefore, if in a normal movie we can work with a bad actor, just because we can save the situation using the only valid interpretation amid many scrap scenes, in a MULTIFILM this is not possibile, because one single valid version for a scene is not enough, we need many, so there’s the need of actors capable to make less mistakes and produce many convincing, creative and different interpretations.
Practically only the best actors in the world will have the privilege to act in a MULTIFILM, which will further increase their greatness and fame.
In this sense, MULTIFILM is almost as a middle ground between cinema and theater, because the actor has to perform a convincing scene every “take” as if he had an audience in front of him. 

Watching a MULTIFILM is similar to go every evening at the theater and see the same performance that changes and evolves during the course of the evenings.
Never like now the actor will be a co-author of an audiovisual performance, because his/her improvisations not only will be accepted, but even needed, and will have a great possibility to be included into the final product, in large quantity.
This represents a new challenge all actors worldwide will want to try, but that will be doable only for the best of them.